Apartment Hunting

After a month, it finally hit me that I was not there for a holiday. Plus staying at the hotel was a bit expensive, so I had to look for an apartment. I wasn’t a fan of living in huge mansions and only needed an average sized apartment. Bangkok is similar to other urban cities in the US such as Washington, so I didn’t think that it would be so difficult in locating an apartment in a serene environment. Theodore and I saw it fit first to get an apartment before we begin a job hunt because we were slowly getting broke. Trust me, Thailand is so full of fun. If you aren’t careful, you can get broke within a week.

I did ask a housekeeper working at the hotel how I could get an apartment and he gladly referred me to two common search engines used in Thailand. They were ‘Nine Apartments’ and ‘Mr. Room Finder.’ The site was helpful and gave us several options and locations where we could find a decent house. Most apartments we came across were single rooms with washrooms but funny enough; they had no kitchens. I couldn’t judge anyway because cultures are different. However, I did notice that they don’t equip the houses with much furniture, you only get a bed, a table and some few other things.

Nevertheless, the pricing was also very affordable. I did see some apartments going for as little as $50 a month, although they were too small for us. The houses that caught my interests cost from $200-$300, which was a bit fair considering their location and furnishing. Such apartments would have 2 or 3 bedrooms with a kitchen, gym, and a swimming pool. I didn’t fancy living in a mansion, so the size was enough because of each of us would get to have a private bedroom.

I was a bit reluctant when choosing the location because I wanted an apartment not far from my place of work. In Bangkok, you can find apartments anywhere, be it near the train lines, around the train lines or on the outskirts of town. During my search, I did find an area known as Sukhumvit which is along one of the major roads in the city of Bangkok. The area was more suitable, mainly because my assumption was that I would find a job around town and I could easily commute from such a place. Other than that the location had so many restaurants and had a large population of Thais living there. Plus, the site was full of recreational facilities. At least during the weekend, I wouldn’t have to stay indoors, I could go out for a drink and interact with people. The area was secure, and most houses had guards on the front door.

Finally, I found a suitable apartment, and there were a few requirements such as providing my personal details and signing a contract of renting for not less than four months. Having decided to settle in Bangkok that was not a problem for me. They did ask for a one-month deposit. The apartment was beautiful, and my water and power bills were so cheap ranging from $5 to $10 in a month.

Searching for an apartment in Bangkok was hectic. Theodore and I had to walk for long distances, even though the websites came in handy. Communicating with the caretakers was also a challenge, only a few people speak English. However, it was a success.