Full Moon Party

I have Thailand adventures to tell. I will hopefully get around to all of them over time to fill this blog. My love for this country must be apparent by now. I feel a need to spread the word and encourage others to visit and explore for themselves. There is much to see and do. Today, I want to devote my time to a Full Moon Party I hosted with a friend because it was a lot of fun and typically Thai. I followed the protocol but also made it my own.

The food was the best the local cuisine had to offer, and I must confess that I had to get some help. I had “catered” the Pad Thai noodles with bean sprouts, shrimp, and chicken; Khao Soi (crispy duck served on a bed of egg noodles in a curry base sauce, garnished with sliced red onions, lime and pickled vegetables); and the grilled salmon served under chopped red onions, cilantro, bell peppers in our homemade tangy sauce. I provided beer and wine, jasmine rice, fried oysters, and Purple Blossom dumplings. I had learned a few dishes over the time I have spent in this glorious place.

It was to be a veritable feast for everyone I know in the region and I didn’t want to fail to impress. I had been invited many times to other parties and I wanted to pay all the hosts back. It had taken some time and thus I planned a spectacular evening. Of course, I had to wait for the correct date. There were lavish decorations that my friend and I made from art paper, colored lighting, and flowers. There was a lot of prep involved and I was grateful to have my friend as co-host. We had barely enough time to select the right outfit with lots of bright neon and even colored socks. We used soccer socks because they’re really long – see https://www.topcornermag.com/best-soccer-socks/. Fortunately, we had green and orange.

It is ideal to have a full Moon Party on the beach and so we chose one with a beautiful view of the moon. This is of the essence. The party begins at dusk by tradition at which time the round yellow moon makes its appearance lighting up the sand with its formidable glow. Our lamps were lit just in time to provide visibility for the group of tables I had set up. After we ate, it was time for dancing. I hear that it becomes a frenzy in some locales, but my group remained low key. We didn’t have live bass and drums as others did. It was a bit beyond my means. Maybe next year.

We had a wonderful time and people couldn’t stop talking about the food and after-dinner fun. I surprised everyone after a few hours by hiring a fire eater to visit. It was the highlight of the evening and we didn’t feel like going home until it began to grow chilly.