Great Day Off

Welcome back. I love living in the paradise that is Thailand, but there are challenges when you reside in an alien culture, where everything is fresh and new. It takes time for people to you as more than a foreigner and strange presence. No matter. I persist and move on, adapting as I go. It is all worth it to be in an extraordinary place of scenic beauty and picturesque local culture. Each neighborhood has its special treasures, points of interest that are beyond compare. I have my friends and together we enjoy the climate, the beaches, the towns, and the cities.

Recently, my roommate and I decided to play basketball while using a trampoline. It was a real hoot. You can’t imagine the extra fun playing games on your trampline. I am not sure where I saw it, but my friend was up to speed on the “rules.” A day off jumping about is a great way to relax and enjoy life, one that goes rushing by when you are too busy to stop and smell the roses, so to speak. In Thailand, there is so much to enjoy; hence my decision to move here on a permanent basis. I hope to never leave. Meanwhile, I participate in the local pastimes, enjoy the cuisine which is like no other, and go about my day looking for excitement.

Playing basketball on a trampoline takes skill and balance. Your legs feel wobbly at first until you adjust to the tautness of the mat. You can warm up with any tricks you are able to perform such as knee tucks, straddles, pikes, twists, and seat landings. If you do, the passersby are apt to yell “showoff.”  I am not that gifted on this bouncing menace. It wants to throw me off and mock me as I land on my butt. Nevertheless, we had a rip-roaring time together and spent considerable time laughing out loud. I highly recommend this absurd game if you want to try something entirely new.

After sweating profusely and catching our breaths, my roommate and I set about on foot to explore the area and find a good place to eat. We relaxed and chatted over a beer and local delicacy, recapping the day and vowing to do it again soon. Every day for me in Thailand is a treat and it is all the richer when you spend it with a good friend. The memories I am making are recorded in my brain, if not on Instagram (isn’t that the normal way these days to document your life?). I don’t keep a diary, but I do have this blog to remind me of my time here in the flower of my youth (a phase of adult life that is active and exploratory).  Try a day jumping on a trampoline while trying to make a basket to see where you stand. Ha!