Great Time Last Night!

When you entertain, you are always looking for new ways to host your guests and give them a surprise or two. It can be the food that beckons, but recently it was the balmy summer night air. I decided to make use of my home in a novel way and have a rooftop party. The question was how to make it memorable. In Thailand, celebrations and events often take place out of doors. If you are lucky enough to have a sturdy flat roof, so much the better. There is something about being up high that makes you feel elated. The beverages and edible treats seem to taste better and conversation flows. The next time you have friends over, take my lead. I promise that everyone will have a good time.

My rooftop is spacious enough and has been constructed as an open-air patio. One section has a wood trellis and a pergola. It is a terrific shade system and quite picturesque when decorated with outdoor lights and plants. Even when you don’t need shade, it adds to the ambiance. It helps make for a memorable evening. What also adds to the fun is to show a movie once the party has wound down. When people want to sit quietly and look at the moon and stars, it is time to set up the white sheet as a makeshift movie screen. You need nothing more elaborate. But you will need an outdoor projector and a fun cult classic film.

I went all the way and told my invitees to dress up as their favorite old movie characters. It looked like a rehearsal for Halloween. As you can imagine, there was Superman, Bat Man, Frankenstein, the Hulk, and many more. Wonder Woman is a new hit and was the costume choice of the women. One looked better than the other. The men got imaginative and appeared as Spiderman, the Fly, old West heroes, the Green Hornet, the teenage werewolf, and Captain Kirk. Star Trek figures abounded. I felt like taking everyone downstairs to parade around the neighborhood. I thought better of it when I envisioned the reaction of frightened residents. Not everyone has a good sense of humor.

We did take hundreds of photos to document our fun on Facebook and Instagram. I got such a good reaction that I vowed to do it again next year. People who had missed the party begged to be invited. I wrote down all the names. Would there be enough room on the roof? I might have to have an extension of the festivities in the backyard. I could select a new theme and see what happens. People get inventive when asked to express themselves. I could do fantasy films like Beauty and the Beast. The guests could go hog wild with creativity. The beast can be interpreted in a myriad of ways. Cinderella can be pre and post-ball giving the woman two options. I expect them to opt for the glamorous version.