Making Our New Place Feel More Like Home

I started this blog to share some of my new life experiences with readers who might be moving to an exotic country like Thailand, where I now reside. I want to spread the joy but also some of the problems you might encounter by living within a different culture. It is always rewarding but it is also a challenge. While I live in a big bustling city—Bangkok—it does make life any easier. It is still complex. You have to learn your way around. This takes a lot of exploration and time. As you dig deeper into a new way of life, you come to understand the people in a way you never did before.

There is a huge difference in climate for most expats, but I wouldn’t have moved here if I didn’t love it. I relish every day in this extraordinary world. I often frequent the local street markets as they are so colorful. I always find something unique. I have decorated my living quarters from art objects fashioned deftly by local artisans. If I return home, they will be wonderful reminders of one of the best times in my life. I can spend days surveying the scene, buying unimaginable foods and acquiring wood carvings and woven fabrics. The patterns and designs in Thailand are exquisite. There is jewelry, simple fashion, footwear, and paintings and sculptures.

Immediately, upon passing by a demonstration of metalwork, something caught my eye. It was a small wall hanging, but big enough to be imposing. The intricacy and craftsmanship were astounding. I watched the artisan work on another project with a plasma cutter from Rate My Welder, but my eyes wouldn’t leave the wall hanging. It was no doubt also a product of the cutter. It seemed like such a large and modern machine for a local vendor. But there it was—creating all kinds of wonderful works of art. The effects of using such a device were beyond compare. I didn’t consider the work to be machine made, however. It is still done by hand. It is just that the hand had some very modern tools.

This is what I like about Thailand. It is an amalgam of the old and the new. Bangkok is cosmopolitan in many ways, and I wouldn’t have it any other way, but old-fashioned in others. I like that blend. I wouldn’t chose a place to live that was too much like home. This means that you get all the modern conveniences that plumping and electricity provide such as modern toilets and central air, but you still see architecture that reflects the past. It is the best of two worlds.

The wall hanging looked stunning when I got it home. It sits as a testimonial to what this country has to offer in just one simple and small object. I love to invite people in for food and drink, and I can’t wait to see their reaction. I know it will be positive.