Starting a New Life in Bangkok

The thought of moving to a new country was thrilling. Many times, I thought wouldn’t I make it on my own. Being on your own would be quite lonely, and that’s why I decide to invite my friend Theodore. Before moving to Thailand, I resided in New York City, and I was working as a journalist in one of the media stations. My job had given me the opportunity of traveling all over America, and this is how traveling became one of my hobbies. I was frequently asked to cover stories in different places at least once in a week. Nevertheless, after doing the job for eight years, I felt like something was missing in my life.

I often wondered if that’s all there was to life; waking up, going to work and sleeping at the end of each day. Few things excited me and I did try to start over as many times as possible. I did ask for transfers hoping that settling in a new place would be a bit thrilling. No place seemed to excite me, but I never gave up on the quest of searching for the best environment.

One day, I came across a brochure about the ‘damnoen saduak floating market’. It caught my attention and couldn’t help but think how amazing it would be living in a country with hundreds of islands. The idea was fascinating. I would find myself checking up the country on Google. The country was so much different from the US, coming from the information I got online. I became hell bent on moving to the country. It almost felt like something was pulling me towards that side of the world. My greatest fear was starting a new life because I was born and raised in the US. Was I to leave it all behind? I was so stressed. Fortunately, my friend Theodore was up for the idea of moving to another country only that he didn’t plan on staying there for long.

Within a month I sold all my property and had just the enough amount of money to start a new life. We chose to reside in Bangkok the capital city. On arrival at the airport, I could feel the rush in my body. It was so long since something excited me as much. There we were, two Americans with no clue on where to start. The language was new to me, and I could only speak basic words. If you intend on starting a new life in Bangkok Thailand, you should know the following;

  • Life is relatively cheaper.

Comparing the lifestyle in Thailand to the one in America, the latter was so expensive. With me, I had carried some few dollars and how pleased I knew 1 Thai Baht equals 0. O3 US dollars.

  • It has beautiful sceneries.

On our first few days, we were able to visit the ‘Phuket’ beach and the ‘Chiang Mai’ where you can see a range of mountains. Although Theodore was scared of mountain climbing, we did enjoy relaxing on the sunny beaches.

  • Lots and lots of foods.

Thailand has fertile soils, so there was always lots of foods available. You would find so many fruit vendors along the busy streets selling mangoes, apples, and bananas. One time I remember buying a dozen of bananas at ‘sip baht’ which is equivalent to 20 cents in the US.

  • Friendly people.

All my life I had never interacted with Asians. They are the best, so helpful and kind. At first, I was so cautious when walking around the streets. Within a week I would roam the streets even in the wee hours of the night.

The first two weeks was proof enough that I had found the change I needed. The city gave me so much comfort, and I had a feeling of belonging. I did fit in faster than I expected, and made lots of friends at the hotel we were staying.