The Thai Cuisine

Thai cuisine is among the most popular dishes worldwide. While I was moving to Thailand, I was so excited about Thai foods. Back in America, I had once eaten some sweet, spicy basil chicken in a Thai restaurant. My appetite towards Thai meals grew tremendously after moving to Bangkok. Five tastes accompany Thai meals which are a mixture of sour, bitter, sweet, salty and spicy. They properly balance and blend the five flavors giving the meal a unique taste. I was able to try out a variety of delicacies. I began preparing Thai meals on my own, although this was challenging. Another advantage is that the meals are so affordable. With just one dollar you can buy a classy meal at Thai restaurants. It’s possible because the country is fertile and there is adequate rainfall. Such a combination guarantees affordable food prices.

The following are some reasons why I would recommend Thai foods

  • It’s rich in culture and flavor.

The surroundings profoundly influence Thai foods. I did conclude that foods from particular areas had different unique tastes. For instance, in a place such as Isan, chilies are served in almost every meal whereas Southern Thailand uses coconuts in most of their meals.

  • The meals are highly nutritious.

Moving to Thailand made me gain some weight. Many people find it to adopt the meals of a foreign country. I assure you that this is not the case. Thais highly use natural ingredients such as lots of vegetables.

  • You get lots of health benefits.

These dishes can provide you with lots of health benefits. Most of their meals consist of fruits that aid in digestion. Not to mention how nearly all their meals contain vegetables.

For the time I have been in Thailand, I have been able to change my eating habits. I was a fan of junk foods, but ever since I moved here, I rarely eat fries and burgers. Rather I would have the following Thai meals which are very sweet and attractive;

  • Pad Thai.

Also known as fried noodles, this is a very popular dish available even in the US. It’s so tasty and comes with a variety of seasonings that can flavor your meal. There are two types of Pad Thai. The classic one which contains eggs, chili pepper, and some tofu. The other is rather dry and doesn’t have a lot of flavors.

  • Tom Yam Goong.

It is one of the best soups I have ever come across. It’s spicy and a bit sour. The soup contains herbs such as galangal and tamarind. This meal also comes in two styles; one is a clear soup while the other is thick, though they are both spicy.

  • Fried Rice.

In Thailand, fried rice as a meal on its own, unlike in other cuisines. It sounds a bit weird, but this rice is sweet. It comes in so many flavors. Therefore, you can’t get bored with it easily.

There are hundreds of Thai dishes. I did find out that there were so much different from what I ate back home. The meals were more nutritious, unique and sweet. Due to their many meals, you can order different varieties from the restaurants at affordable prices.